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Our firm focuses its practice in civil and commercial litigation, mediation, family law, creditor's rights, bankruptcy and enforcement of judgments.

Richard J. Sorman

Richard Sorman, admitted both in Illinois and New York, has been practicing commercial litigation, family law, mediation and related disciplines since 1976. Mr. Sorman has been admitted to the Illinois State Bar, the New York State Bar, the Northern District of Illinois, Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Federal Trial Bar and various other Federal Circuits because of clients who have matters in jurisdictions outside of Illinois who retain his firm for their litigation team..

Richard has extensive experience in a broad range of litigation topics including virtually all forms of real estate oriented litigation, banking, real estate developers, architects, contractors, purchasers and sellers of real property and related areas.  Mr. Sorman has years of trial work regarding misrepresentation and fraud in connection with the purchase and sale of commercial and residential real estate, lending issues, breach of contract, complex collections and other aspects related to such transactions.

Recently, RIchard successfully defended his client who had years ago signed a guarantee with her former husband to secure a substantial bank loan.  The holder of the note sued Mr. Sorman's client in an effort to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The case went to trial and at the close of evidence the judge found in favor of Mr. Sorman's client and entered judgment in her favor and against the creditor.  The creditor's attorney, during the post-trial motions and the subsequent appeal, which was also resoved in favor of Richard's client, recently wrote:  Richard is one of the few lawyers who I have encountered in my fifteen years of practice who is an excellent court room advocate, excellent writer and has an understanding of what arguments he's advancing will actually work and how a judge is likely to react to his positon(s). What's even more remarkable is that Richard has this skill across a wide array of disciplines. Richard's smart, well versed in the law, aggressive and practical--precisely what a lawyer should be. 

In addition, Mr. Sorman has many years of family law experience ranging from basic dissolution of marriage to more sophisticated and complex issues regarding business valuation, dissipation of assets, child custody and virtually all forms of related matters.

Richard is a certified mediator and is actively engaged in conducting mediations as well as counselling clients who are in the mediation process.  Richard is on the list of approved mediators for the Chancery Department and Domestic Relations Department of the Circuit Court of Cook County.  In addition, RIchard is one of Lake County Mortgage Foreclosure Mediators and also volunteers as a Mediator for Small Claims matters in Lake County, Illinois.  Richard frequently provides his services to community personnel and agencies in order to promote the resolution of disputes before such matters escalate into protracted litigation.

Some of Mr. Sorman's other cases of interest include his representation of a judge of the circuit court who won an election to the appellate court but required the intervention of the Illinois Supreme Court in order to conclude the process and have that Judge seated on the Illinois Appellate Court.  Mr. Sorman successfully navigated the case and his client went on to serve two terms on the appellate court.

Substantial and complicated cases have been referred to Richard by many of his colleagues and judges.  Those matters have included contested child custody matters in family law, real estate matters where Mr. Sorman successfully represented purchasers sellers of single family homes where the parties had to engage in litigation to enforce their rights, commercial transactions involving rare coins and other collectibles and similar matters.