The Difference

What sets us apart...

Our willingness to know and understand our clients is what sets us apart from other firms, allowing us to form trusted, long-term and valuable relationships.

The Difference

Who We Are

Established in May 2001, Sorman & Frankel, Ltd. has been serving the legal needs of individual, professional and corporate clients throughout Illinois. The firm also practices in other jurisdictions including New York and several federal Districts throughout the country.

Recent Cases

Frequently many people refer to others as "partner" without realizing the legal implications that accrue. While it's natural to use the term when referring to others with whom you work or have business alliances, the law often takes a strict and often adverse view. For example, Sarah, a...

How can we help you?

Sorman & Frankel, Ltd. encourages an initial consultation to gain a general overview of each client's specific situation, provide you with an opportunity to learn about our firm and the individual attorneys, and determine how we can best assist you. To contact the firm, or one of our attorneys directly, please call, e-mail, or fill out our information form.