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Skills and Respect

Our team of litigation attorneys possesses the skills and respect in the courtroom that clients can rely on confidently should a legal problem arise.


Litigation is the process that allows parties to bring their disputes to the court for resolution.  While seemingly a straightforward process, that is one party sues another, it is none-the-less a difficult journey that demands attention to detail and goal orientation. There are Rules of Procedure, Evidence and those issued by the Illinois Supreme Court that require skill and experience in order to successfully navigate the course.  There is a great deal of paperwork including the initial complaint, answer, motions of various nature, demands for production of documents, interrogatories (written questions to be answered under oath), depositions (oral questions to be answered under oath) as well as a host of other issues - all of which require the experience we possess and will share with you.

Sorman & Frankel, Ltd. has a team of litigators well qualified to guide you through the entire process.  We listen to your needs and wants and counsel you through the entire procedure; from the initial meeting where and when we get to meet and listen to each other and collectively determine the problem to be solved continuing on to ascertain the best strategies to be employed in order to achieve the best result.

We will dedicate ourselves to you and combine our experience and expertise in order to maximize the result while simultaneously minimizing the expense to the very best of our ability.  You are our most important concern and we will stand with you to obtain the resolution to the problem that first brought you to us.  We will always be ready to discuss issues and concerns with you and never hesitate to implement modifications based upon your suggestions.