Practice Areas

Skills and Respect

Our team of litigation attorneys possesses the skills and respect in the courtroom that clients can rely on confidently should a legal problem arise.

Family Law

Family Law generally includes divorce (dissolution of marriage) actions, parentage, and related matters.  Within dissolution of marriage proceedings, the issues of child custody, financial support for children and the former spouse, business evaluation, discovery of assets and distribution of the assets of the marital estate are most prevalent.

The attorneys at Sorman & Frankel are well versed in all of these areas and handle each matter with necessary legal skills and the understanding of the impact of divorce on an emotional level.  Both are vitally important in order to obtain the maximum result for our clients.  For many clients of course divorce is an uncharted course and we detail every step so that each client can derive a comfort level required to make the many decisions that are inherent in every divorce proceeding.  Care and custody of the children, how will your financial needs be met, who will pay for educational expenses, medical and dental insurance coverage are just some of the critical concerns.  We will work with you and guide you through the path of this very intricate course.

Divorce does not have to be a battle.  In fact, we encourage our clients to work with us in attempting to resolve the case without extensive courtroom appearances, hearings and a trial.  This of course requires the cooperation of the opposing party and attorney as well and most often leads to a better solution than otherwise could be obtained.  Every case is different; every client has specialized needs.  We are equipped to handle each one positively and welcome your inquiry.