Practice Areas

Skills and Respect

Our team of litigation attorneys possesses the skills and respect in the courtroom that clients can rely on confidently should a legal problem arise.

Real Estate Litigation

Whether you are buying or selling a single family residence, condominium, office building or any other type of real estate, an experienced and well informed attorney is an essential aid in the process.  Even then, and either before or after the closing, any number of issues may arise that then require the skill and expertise of a trial lawyer who has already handled the pre and post closing matters.

Sorman & Frankel, Ltd. has been engaged in real estate oriented and related litigation for over 30 years representing developers, architects, home buyers and sellers.  Issues related to mispresentations concerning the condition of the real estate, rescission of contracts, property management, contruction, specific performance of contracts - whether buying or selling - and a host of other legal issues all find themselves within the repertoire of our Firm's background and ability to help you.

If you are buying or selling; if you've already purchased or sold; if you're in the process of building a home; if you've discovered a significant problem in your house or condo, please call upon us for a consultation to see if we can help you resolve the problem through mediation, discussion, litigation or any one of a number of other possible remedial tools.